About Us

4Steps International is a Marketing, and Business development consulting firm, founded back in 2001, and based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
4Steps International consists of highly specialized marketing professionals, who offer extensive experiences from leading multinational and regional companies.

Our Vision

We aspire to be the most respected Marketing & Business Development Consulting firm in KSA.

Our Values

Quality thinking

Our Mission

To provide our clients with the best marketing solutions.
Our solutions will always be:

  • Cost effective
  • Implementable
  • Responsive to clients’ needs
  • Innovative and deliver tangible Results

4 Steps Process

  • 1 Orientation Client-centric
    • Trust Building
    • Rules of engagement
    • Client' Brief/RFP
    • Marketing audit
    • Kick off meeting
    • Stakeholders interviews
    • Gap analysis
  • 2 Clarification Problem-centric
    • Evaluation of issues and opportunities
    • Review all relevant materials
    • Hypotheses testing thru Deep dive insights
  • 3 Implementation Solution-centric
    • Fully integrated Marketing plan and strategies formulation
    • Positioning strategy
    • Segmentation strategy
    • Activation plan
    • Calendar
    • Coaching
  • 4 Evaluation Quality-centric
    • Plan monitoring
    • Review and evaluation
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Why Us?

Case Studies

  • Company rescue

    Client brief:
    FMCG company’s sales, and market share are declining. Also, the company bottom line was in the red and continuously bleeding.

    The challenge: Reverse the declining trend and turn the company/brands around.

    The solution

    • Interviewed and met with stakeholders.
    • Identified key hypotheses for the decline. Such as products quality issues, awareness issues etc..
    • Conducted exploratory research projects to gain key consumers insights and validate hypotheses.
    • Conducted quantitative research to qualify the FGDs insights
    • The solution was not to invest anymore in existing brands by relaunch strategy. The recommendation was to develop new brand from the grounds up with new image / identity
    • Various brand names / advertising / pricing /packaging concepts were developed and tested then a brand name and package design were identified.
    • The new brand was instant hit with consumers and within 3 months, the brand was the market leader in the category with +40% market share. The company revenue and net profit jumped to record levels.
  • Brand in despair

    Client brief:
    CSD brand - part of a multinational company - sales and market share were flat.

    The challenge: Company needed a success story to excite their own system which was down and out because of their no.1 competitor tactics.

    The solution

    • Assessed current situations and defined target audience of the brand.
    • Conducted consumer research to figure out purchase triggers and key choice drivers.
    • The solution was adopt brand extension strategy and create excitement among consumers
    • Flavour and packaging were identified and tested well among target consumers.
    • Cleaver communication campaign was developed to drive awareness, interest and trigger purchase.
    • within 7 months of the launch the brand sales and share rocketed north and eclipsed competition with 60% market share in the category . The launch was so successful, the company faced stocks shortage of the flavour worldwide and had to double up production to meet consumers demands.
  • Strategic option

    Client brief:
    The company sales were almost dependant on key suppliers brand names

    The challenge: Overcome the potential threat that some of company's suppliers may revoke their distribution agreements with the client.

    The solution

    • The recommendation was to develop premium private label for the client.
    • The brand will be umbrella flagship brand.
    • Brand names, concepts, advertising and packaging were identified and tested among target consumers.
    • Mass communication campaigns were deployed to drive instant brand awareness and recognition.
    • Today the brand enjoy has top of mind awareness, strong brand equity and growing in various categories. Thereby, protecting the company’s future.

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